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In the past years, the gaming industry worldwide has been evolving at a breakneck pace, and this needs to include the iGaming niche in this development. Some of the most reputable crypto casinos have allowed punters to bet on various games. This opportunity brought about the emergence of the Aviator, which feels and sounds like the best logical move.

Aviator is not a slot game but rather a crash game. Crash games are a new niche in the iGaming industry, constantly growing and innovating. They have also integrated cryptocurrencies into the payment system.

Are you a gaming enthusiast looking to explore the exciting world of the Aviator casino game? Look no further! We've got you covered with everything you need to know about the Aviator game demo. This engaging and thrilling online casino game offers a unique experience, and we'll guide you through the ins and outs of the Aviator casino game demo.

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What You Need To Know About Aviator Casino Game

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Aviator was created by the developer Spribe, a new breed of studios focusing on new gaming categories that are not necessarily mainstream casino games. However, online casinos are adopting these games as a breath of fresh air. 

Aviator is a new social multiplayer game with an increasing curve that can crash anytime. When a round starts, the scale of the multiplier begins growing. The plane flying away without the player cashing out means all bets are lost.

How to play the Aviator Demo Game

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The online casino game doesn't have any rows, reels, or paylines, nor wild or scatter symbols. Aviator is a social multiplayer game that features a lucky plane that flies away to a certain point, making a growing curve on the screen. At a moment's notice, the lucky plane flies away, but the longer it passes, the higher the multiplier increases, leading to an increase in cashout.

Furthermore, you automatically lose your entire bet if you fail to push the cashout button before the plane flies away. The game uses a random number generator, which indicates that players can never know if the plane will crash on the second or tenth second after flying from its starting point. During that time, the multiplier may increase exponentially.

One of the best parts of this gambling game is that a new round starts every eight to thirty seconds, so you can have the chance to make up for your losses from the previous rounds and, if you like, double your winnings.The way the game is built, you can place two bets simultaneously in a single round. Each of them has a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum of $100. You can choose to cash them both at once or one after the other. If you are a risk taker, you can leave them alone until they accumulate a huge cashout. You can increase your bet size for the big wins or stick to the lowest odds and wait patiently for the right moment.

Play Aviator in Demo Mode

Demo EN

To play Spribe Aviator Online demo for free, visit an online casino that offers this game or, better yet, visit the developers' official website. With this method, you don't need to download any files. However, a stable internet connection is necessary. 

Play Spribe Aviator's demo mode to gain experience and familiarize themselves with the rules and mechanics of the game. You can devise a personal strategy in the demo mode before playing with real money.

Play Aviator Online Casino Game for Real Money

If you want to play for real money, you can play Aviator at an online casino without downloading anything. Keep in mind that a stable internet connection is required. Complete the registration process, deposit funds into your account, and you're ready to go. You can not only play for money at an online casino but also try the game in demo mode.

Aviator Spribe Game Features

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The aviator spribe game features might look like the tricky part but they are based on simple premise such as minimum bet, bet sizes, deposit bonus, slot machines, bonus points and many more. Below are some of the best features of the online casino aviator slot game:

Live Bets Display

While playing Aviator, players can view bets made by other players through the bar on the left side of the game screen. This information includes the bets placed, the coefficients, and the winnings of the players who have won.

Live Statistics

Players can view current statistics during gameplay, including the leading players on the leaderboard, their most significant wins, and the multipliers they have earned in a day, month, or year. The live statistics show how much other players have won in the same round, and then it goes back to default once the plane takes off.

Chat Feature

The playing grid has an in-game chat function on the right side, allowing players to socialize and interact during gaming sessions. This enhances the immersive experience of the Aviator slot, and players can send emojis and GIFs for more fun.

Rain Promo

The “rain” promotion feature allows the game to allocate free bets to players. A player can make “rain” in the chat with a certain amount and number of drops.

Free Play

Aside from playing for real money, this free play feature enabled the demo version for players who wanted to give the game a chance to test its mechanics. Play Aviator demo to enjoy a free bet without spending your real money. Like other casino games with a demo version, you can enjoy the Spribe Aviator prediction on your mobile devices.

Auto Cash Out

You can use Auto Cash Out to set the Cash Out amount for your bets, so you don't have to rely on the speed of your fingers to stop the plane at the correct number. The Aviator casino game gives you the ability to decide which odds you want and let the game automatically cash out your bets when the plane reaches your multiplier.

The auto-cash-out feature enables the player to not only rely on their fast fingers to cash out. This feature allows you to set cash-out limits for your bets so that when they reach that amount, they will automatically cash out before the plane flies away or before the multiplier reduces.

Multiplayer Game

As a social game, this multiplayer feature is an essential part of this Aviator casino game. Other players are sitting at the console, playing and betting away. They place their bets in the same rounds as you, and you can see their bets, wins, and losses.

Randomized Results

The result of each round of the game is foolproof and cannot be manipulated because a random number generator backs this game. The random number generator is software that triggers its algorithm to randomize the results. The flight of the plane is random and cannot be guessed.

Demo EN


Deposit bonus up to 900$ and up to +500%
70 Free Spins for a deposit from $30


Aviator Casino Game RTP and Volatility

Aviator slot game comes with low to medium volatility and an RTP of 97%, according to the information provided on Spribe's official page. What sets it apart from other games is that, to an extent, you have control over the payout system, as you can choose to cash out your winnings whenever you want. If you compare Aviator to a conventional slot machine, a player cannot make the reels stop immediately while they're still spinning.

How to Win at Aviator

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The ultimate question we all seek an answer to is: “How to get the biggest winnings playing Aviator?” You can improve your chances of winning by using a variety of aviator tips and tactics. But before we delve into those, let's set the mood and watch this video where we surprisingly land a big win on Aviator Spribe.

Practice in Demo Mode

Demo games are available for promotional purposes and can also be used for training. By playing demo games, you can hone your betting strategies and get a sense of how long the plane stays on the screen before flying away. This is also a great way to improve your reflexes. 

You can use demo games to gain experience and see what it feels like to wait longer and lose a simulated bet without risking real money. Keep playing as many rounds as you need until you feel confident enough to play for real money.

Study Others

On your casino Aviator game console, you can observe top players' betting and cashing-out behavior. Their biggest wins are displayed as “huge” or “biggest” wins. Take some time to watch these players in action for a few rounds. Please pay attention to their betting patterns and how long they wait before collecting. 

Playing online casino games, each player has their own strategy; some may opt to cash out at lower multipliers, while others may wait too long and lose their money.

Auto Collect

In Aviator Spribe, you can set a specific multiplier you want to reach before cashing out, but you don't have to press the cashout button manually. Opting for lower multipliers with consistent wins can gradually increase your balance. Utilizing the auto-cashout feature in this casino game can also reduce stress. However, remember that the plane can still fly away even at low multipliers, so finding a balance is essential.

The Developers behind Aviator - Spribe

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Spribe, the creator of Aviator, is an up-and-coming and inventive iGaming company that needs to be better recognized by many online players. It was founded shortly before the launch of Spribe Aviator and began operations in November 2018, with the game going live in January 2019. 

As the most successful game from Spribe, Aviator acts as the company's main title. According to the information on their official website, they are venturing into slot machine development; this move will add other casino games to their game titles.

Despite being new to the online gambling industry, Spribe has already secured licenses from top industry regulators. They hold rights from the three most extensive gaming commissions in the world and certifications from over a dozen gambling jurisdictions worldwide.

Aviator Strategies

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The odds for your bet before the plane's departure are randomly generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is similar to the mechanism used in many online casino games, and the size of the multiplier in the Aviator game is purely determined by chance.

Here are some strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning when you play Aviator:

Place 2 Bets Instead Of 1

With this strategy, you can minimize your losses and increase your winnings in this casino game. You can do this by placing two bets in the same game round. By doing this, you can accumulate a higher chance of a payout.

Cashing out one bet at a small odd and the other at a higher odd will give you a decent chance of recovering your losses and increasing your winnings. When you play Aviator with this strategy, there is no guarantee that you can win both bets, no matter the size of your odds.

Stake High and Cash Out Fast

You can cash out as soon as the plane starts to fly. If you judge the probability of a speedy departure as low, it's better to withdraw money earlier than later. Consider making bigger bets and cashing out as quickly as possible before the plane crashes. However, keep in mind that this approach is risky, as you may need to stake a significant amount while still facing the possibility of loss.

Aviator Game Mobile Version

Installing the app is simple for those who prefer to play Aviator on their phones, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. The mobile interface is equally simple to use as the desktop version. Try out several choices on your mobile device to see which one you like.

Your abilities will grow as you play, and you will have fewer losses and more triumphs. Observing and learning from other players might be beneficial. Don't give up if you don't succeed right away.

The Aviator Slot mobile version has the same features as the desktop version. So you get to enjoy the same experience on your Android or iOS devices in fullscreen play. Everything is the same, from the betting options to the interface and the sound.


For anyone new to this casino game, Aviator slot might seem like a weird and unusual game. Still, luckily, anyone above the legal betting age can try out the Aviator demo version to get familiar with the game mechanics.

At first, you might think the result is fixed, but it is not, as it uses a provably fair technology. After playing it for a few hours and inspecting every aspect, you will be impressed. The demo is made especially for those who want to know more about the game before investing real money to play it.

The Aviator game demo provides a fantastic opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics and interface before betting real money. This aviator game play demo enables players to test their skills and strategies without risking their hard-earned cash. So, take advantage of the aviator demo slot to get a feel for the game and enhance your playing experience.

In the Aviator game play demo, you'll be presented with a small flying plane that takes off and ascends with a multiplier increasing as the plane flies higher. Your goal is to cash out your bet before the plane crashes, resulting in a loss. The aviator casino game demo allows you to perfect your timing and develop a better understanding of when to cash out.

Additionally, the aviator demo slot offers a fantastic platform to explore various betting strategies. You can test different approaches to maximize your winnings, and the aviator slot demo provides an excellent environment to practice without any financial risks.

One of the best places to enjoy the Aviator game demo is the 1win Aviator demo platform. This reliable and user-friendly site offers a seamless aviator casino demo experience, allowing you to get the most out of your practice sessions.

The demo aviator game is accessible from multiple devices, giving you the flexibility to play on the go. Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, the aviator demo free experience remains smooth and responsive.

Be sure to pick a trusted and secure site to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. The aviator demo version allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game, which will ultimately help you maximize your winnings when playing with real money.

In conclusion, the Aviator game demo is a fantastic way to experience this popular casino game without any risks.  Don't miss out on the chance to improve your gaming prowess – try the aviator demo free today and take your gaming experience to new heights!

The gameplay is extremely addictive, especially when played on a handheld device. It could hold your attention during long sessions despite the simple graphics.


Yes, Aviator has a demo version, also available on Spribe's official website. With it, you can hone your skills and get familiar with the game.

No particular strategy or tip can give you a certain edge because the game result is generated randomly. There’s no trick part in this casino game, but the tips and strategies can guide you, with no winning guarantee.

Yes, the Aviator slot is genuine and legitimate. While it may be a new and distinctive game in the gambling world, there is no need to worry as it is licensed and certified and can be trusted completely.

Yes, this slot game can be profitable depending on your risk-taking skills. But overall, it is very beneficial.

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